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Tuesday, October 01 2019

Why Brampton is a Great Place to Live

If you’re looking for a diverse, thriving, rapidly expanding and multicultural suburban city to move to, you should definitely consider Brampton. It is Canada’s ninth-most populous municipality, North America’s seventy-seventh largest city, and the Greater Toronto Area’s third largest city, behind only Toronto and Mississauga1. Brampton is a great place to live. It has easy access to major highways like Highway 401 and Highway 407, which makes for an easy drive into Toronto, and it’s got three GO stations for everyone who prefers to take the train into Toronto for work. It’s also very close to Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is located in the neighbouring city of Mississauga. 


Brampton is a great place to work

If you choose to work in Brampton itself, the city not only has an excellent public transit system, it is also buzzing with job opportunities. The city has a host of large national and international corporations headquartered there. With so many colleges and university campuses in the city, it’s no wonder so many corporations are looking to hire skilled Brampton residents. Some of the biggest employers in Brampton include Loblaws, Rogers Communications, Ford, and Canadian Tire.


Brampton is a great place to enjoy

Brampton is also incredibly, wonderfully multicultural. The city’s rapid growth and expansion can be attributed almost entirely to immigration, and has led to a richly diverse and exciting place to live. In Brampton you can enjoy a variety of good food, wonderful cultural events happening all over the city, and fabulous shopping. Foodies will love this city, and shopaholics will rejoice to learn that the Bramalea City Centre is one of the largest malls in Canada, and is right at their fingertips when they live in Brampton. 


Brampton is a great place to grow into

Brampton’s population is one of the youngest in the GTA, but their plans for the future are incredibly exciting. Brampton’s city council has been proactive in planning for the future, releasing a conceptual document that reflects the principles of the community and the objectives they hope to achieve in the next 20 years, which includes, for example, ideas like free transit, a biodome, a massive central park, and a canal that runs through Bramalea. Who wouldn’t want to live in a city with that kind of a vision for the future?




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