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Tuesday, July 10 2018

The Success of Mayfield Village's Phase 3

Here in Brampton, we of Mayfield Village are all quite happy to say that our Phase 3 unveiling was a great success! When we released new lots and models on June 23rd we had hundreds of people lining up at the doors of our Presentation Centers to get early access to these great new homes. Over one hundred and seventy five newly released singles, townhomes, and semis have already been purchased by many families, all of whom are looking forward to the fun, convenient living provided by this village-style community.

Mayfield Village Retail Phase 3

Inspire Boulevard remains effective as ever, acting as a central transit-spine for all who make Mayfield Village their home. Along the Boulevard people have access to community amenities like retail stores, shorter commute times, and all of the boutique and specialty shops one could ask for.

Phase 3 has added many new home designs to an already blossoming community, and since Brampton is known as the Flower City, we take this as a positive sign that Mayfield Village is becoming something rather special. The 32’, 38’, and 45’ singles, semis, and towns start off in the low $700s, and there are still properties available. If you would like to become part of a community that perfectly blends urban living with affordable convenience, contact us, or visit any one of the 5 builder Presentation Centres such as Countrywide, Aspen Ridge, or Regal Crest Homes to see how easy it is to make Mayfield Village your new home.


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