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Tuesday, June 19 2018

Mayfield Village Phase 3: Townhomes, Singles, & Semis in Brampton

In light of the incredible success of Mayfield Village’s first two Phases of development, it’s no wonder they’ve decided to go full-steam ahead with Phase 3. Nestled neatly at Mayfield and Dixie Road, Phase 3 of Mayfield’s development includes brand new townhomes, new semi detached homes, and new 32’, 38’, and 45’ single detached houses.

Since completion of the first two Phases of Development, Mayfield Village has grown to be an attractive Brampton community and a wonderful place to call home. The various new amenities that have amassed within the area have added to the value of Mayfield Village. Now with Phase 3 on the way Mayfield is poised to become an even more popular community.

Phase 3 of the development mainly features detached homes, perfectly suited for families seeking to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. These beautiful new detached homes feature ample square footage, modern conveniences, and benefit from all of the great local amenities that Mayfield Village has to offer.

As you may already know, these new housing developments are designed to take advantage of pedestrian-centric communities. In order to help ease people's’ daily commute, Mayfield Village’s Inspire Boulevard features access to a full network of bus routes. In fact, Inspire Boulevard is the central transit-spine of Mayfield Village, providing access to all of the newly built homes and the GTA at large.

Perfect for students, retirees, and the environmentally conscious, the residences of Phase 3 will only be a short walk away from this handy convenience. Phase 3 is poised to integrate perfectly into this convenient bus transit system and add another fun layer of community living to the neighborhood.

Phase 3 also includes several new townhouse developments that perfectly blend modern living, with modern convenience. While every home requires maintenance, a compact and cozy townhome’s maintenance requirements are significantly reduced. Choosing a townhouse is a great choice for people who are often on-the-go. Less work, more enjoyment, that’s what the new townhouse developments of Mayfield Village are all about.

With all this and more on the horizon, it’s no wonder so many people are excited about Mayfield Village’s Phase 3 of new housing developments, coming this June 23rd.


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