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Tuesday, June 19 2018

Mayfield Village in Brampton: A Haven for Commerce and Green Space

When the concept of Mayfield Village was first conceived, the dream was to have affordable housing, convenient amenities, and vibrant commerce all thriving together. Thanks to fantastic management Mayfield Village has accomplished exactly this. The premiere Brampton community of Mayfield Village is now a thriving hub of convenience, commerce, and healthy living.

With over a thousand homes already sold, the families and residents of Mayfield Village currently enjoy access to community parks, hiking trails, and nearby golf courses. Several boutiques, retail shops, and shopping centres have also found a great deal of success in Mayfield Village, and have since become woven into the fabric of the community. The area is further complemented by several local high schools, public schools, the Brampton Civic Hospital, and a vibrant community center.

Numerous entertainment options also exist. Local cinema such as a Famous Players movie theatre has all of the new and popular movies you love, and Lester B. Pearson Memorial Theater is a great place to catch live performances from local artists.

Mayfield Village Honda Dealership Phase 3

The incredible commercial development in the area has also contributed to the success of Mayfield Village. Top employers like Fiat Chrysler Canada and Rogers Communications are just minutes away and provide employment for many Mayfield Village residents.

The neighbourhood also enjoys a wide variety of lush green space, like the aptly named Mayfield Park. Frequented by all manner of Mayfield residents, what was once an undeveloped plot of land is now a beautiful space where friends and family gather to share good times, watch their kids on the playground, and enjoy life in Mayfield Village.

Mayfield Village Mayfield Park Phase 3

No wonder Mayfield Village is a flourishing master planned community. With Phase 3 of development well underway, and set for launch this June 23rd, now is the time to consider a future in this bustling community.


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