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What is Village-Style Living?

Village Style Living is a term usually reserved for trendy pockets of large, bustling cities; places where chaos subsides for three or four blocks, and convenience and community reign supreme. They are known for the quality of their cityscape scenery, and the value that adds to the daily routines, shopping habits, and walking routes of their inhabitants.

It’s safe to say that Village Living is one of the most attractive availabilities in any major city; but herein lies the question: why is Village Style Living only available to those that want to be in the New Yorks, Torontos, and Chicagos of the world? Why do suburbanites have to give up convenience, city scenery, culture, and lifestyle in order to live outside the confinements of a noisy, smoke-filled, traffic-ridden city? The simple answer is they don’t. Developments like Mayfield Village in Brampton are taking the amenities and attractiveness of village style living, and making them accessible to those individuals that feel more at home away from the constant hum of street car lines, bicycle bells, and car horns. Who decided living in the suburbs meant you had to get in your car for a cup of coffee? They say that a village will help fuel culture and community; that it will nurture its inhabitants and create an identity that everyone within its walls will wear proudly; most would tend to agree. This means that it’s time for suburbanites to rise! Stop letting Toronto hog all the lifestyle and culture.You have a lot to give to a community, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up space. Embrace Village Style Living where you want to live.