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Brampton, a hotbed for Ontario talent

What does it mean to live in the Flower City of Brampton? Historically, it has meant that you lived in a place where the industrial focus was on greenhouse production; however, some might suggest that this description has evolved. There is much evidence to support a new interpretation of Brampton's aging title.

There is a new, far stronger reason to call this beautiful place “The Flower City”: its ability to produce homegrown talent on a regular and consistent basis. Just as the city once promoted growth -even in the depths of a winter cold such as this- it continues to navigate the aforementioned frontier with a renewed focus on people rather than flowers; no offence to flowers.

A massive number of Canadian talents would call Brampton their home. From team Canada’s Rick Nash and Cassie Campbell, to comedy superstars Michael Cera and Russel Peters, it’s obvious that this is a town built on prevalence, determination, and success. Brampton seems to be a place that ignores obstacles and thrives on that mentality. Don’t believe me? Take a second to stop and smell the roses.